Monday, 20 February 2012

Heat Wave - Too Hot to Handle (1976)

The band Heatwave is an international collection of outstanding musicians, who in 1976 gathered in England at Audio International Studios to cut their first record, Too Hot to Handle. The album was certified Platinum and reached a peak position of #11 on the charts. It features the hits "Always and Forever" and the classic, "Boogie Nights". More interestingly, the album was composed entirely by Rod Temperton - the same guy who penned MJ's "Thriller" and "Rock With You". This album is on par with anything produced by Quincy Jones when it comes to tightness and is an archetypal example of the Funk genre just before it shed its gritty past in search of a more sterile, dance-floor friendly groove. 

Vinyl ripped @ 320kpbs

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