Monday, 13 February 2012

Caesar Frazier - '75 (1975)

This rare gem comes from funky soul-jazz organist Caesar Frazier. '75 was Frazier's follow-up to his debut album Hail Caesar! and is an album you do not want to pass by. It features Bernard "Pretty" Purdie on the drums and Cornell Dupree on guitar. The album also contains the track "Funk It Down" - made popular by Gang-Starr's "Ex-Girl to the Next Girl" as well as covers of Stevie Wonder's "Living for the City" and Seals and Croft's "Summer Breeze".

@320 kbps.

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  2. I just discovered your little corner of the internet a couple of days ago & wanted to thank you for the work you've put in so far. In my browsing I've noticed quite a few people that I'd completely forgotten about over the years. Thanks to your mental jolt I've been enjoying revisiting some of the sounds of my youth (thanks too for ripping @320, might as well get as close to the original as possible).

    I'm looking forward over the coming months to seeing what else you've got tucked in the back of the racks.

  3. Thanks man. It means a lot to hear that. Keep coming back and I'll have so more treasures for you after the weekend.

  4. Thank you sooo much for posting all this music.. Just found it but I think I love this Blog.