Sunday, 1 April 2012

O.V. Wright - The Bottom Line (1978)

This is Wright's second of three albums released on Hi Records. With the exception of I Don't Do Windows, the album consists mainly of ballads. But don't let that turn you away, Wright's voice is something to behold. The band may not be the funkiest or the tightest, but the effect Wright's voice has on the music is about as close to divine as you can get. Check out his (loose) cover of Stevie's I Don't Know Why as well as the Latimore classic, Let's Straighten It Out - which was reincarnated in U.G.K's Quit Hatin the South. In short, this album is a great snapshot of the later part of Wright's career - a period where he ever so slightly suppressed his gospel past in favour of a more pop-friendly aesthetic.

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