Monday, 5 March 2012

Esther Phillips - Alone Again, Naturally (1972)

Esther Phillip's music just oozes with soul. Recorded in 1972, Alone Again, Naturally, is a perfect starting point for people who are new to her music. The album showcases her distinctly smokey voice that is just raspy enough to still be sexy. Think not quite Janice Joplin yet not fully Aretha with the backing of an all-star studio band.

Phillip's life was marred with substance abuse problems - namely heroin - which contributed to her pre-mature death at the age of 48 due to liver and kidney ailments. Like other childhood prodigy's, Philips was originally billed as "Little Esther Phillips" and under the guise of bandleader Johnny Otis (father of Shuggie Otis) was able to pump out 10 rhythm and blues hits by the time she was 17. But her childhood charade didn't last long and by the late 1950's, she was already battling with addiction. This however wasn't before she grew to become what the Beatles called one of the most important innovators in rock. The Beatles even featured her on a BBC telecast in 1965, yet still she has yet to be inducted into the Rock and Roll hall of fame despite being nominated twice.

Alone Again Naturally was her second album from her time with the Kudu label - which marked a brief period of moderate sobriety during which she released eight stellar albums. She then signed to Mercury in 1977 and released four albums before dying in 1984.

The album features an all-star line-up of musicians including, Ron Carter on bass, Maceo Parker on Tenor Sax, George Benson and Cornell Dupree on Guitars, and Billy Cobham and Bernard Purdie on drums. Tracks to watch out for include her cover of Bill Whithers', "Use Me" and the smoky, southern title track, "Alone Again, Naturally." Phillips delivers all the warmth of her native Texas, in a velvety smooth package guaranteed to bring joy to your heart.

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  2. hey buddy great sharings, thank you so much!! Greetings from Argentina

    1. I am in South Africa and would like you to send me Alone Again Naturally. We don't have it here. Please help.

  3. Hey! I have just come across your site and I want to thank you for this jewel. I knew Esther for this two album: From a whisper to a scream and What a difference a day makes, I think I will relish this one too. Thanks!